Common Fears Related to the IELTS Exam

Hitting an  8+ band in the upcoming IELTS test will require rigorous efforts from you, even if you are already an expert in the English language. But the process to achieve such an incredible score won’t be a smooth task. There will be some fears and apprehensions related to the exam that will divide your attention. This article will give you profound details of the fears and apprehensions related to the exam that hamper the progress of the candidates. You might have a fear of facing a tough vocabulary, or skipping the crucial part of audio, fear of writing, or pronunciation. To overcome those fears, we will present some incredible solutions through this article. Read them and apply them wisely. 

Having fears and apprehensiveness is quite common even if you have appeared for the IELTS before. Make sure to have a profound introduction to all of them before you appear for the exams.  Don’t let any fear hold you back from attempting the exam well. Face them, analyze them, and find the perfect solution to tackle them at the roots. Well, if you are taking the IELTS exam to go abroad then, make sure to achieve the best score as this will help you survive there by opening the doors to incredible job opportunities. On the other hand, if you are taking the exam to get a flourishing career in your own home country. Then, you must also try to achieve the highest scores on the exam as this will help you in acing your professional life. 

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Let’s learn some common fears related to the IELTS Exam:

Fear of tough vocabulary 

If you have appeared for the exam before or have heard about this exam before. Then, you must be aware of the toughness of the vocabulary that the IELTS exam use, especially in the reading section. You have to understand that the problem of a tough vocabulary can be tackled in advance by sincere efforts over three months. For this, you have to access the dictionary in paper format and spend 15 minutes every day learning new words with their profound meanings. Also, a cup of coffee can make this period wonderful and keep you interested in learning vocab for a long time.

Fear of skipping audio part

Well, you will receive four audio to listen to and give answers to the questions that will be asked at the end of the audio. This will aid the examiner in accessing the level of your English listening skills. But the main thing is that the computer will not play the audio twice. This means that you have to carefully read the entire audio in just one go. Remember that nervousness also impacts your ability to listen. Hence, many candidates fear of skipping a part of audio due to that problem. Don’t worry! Listening to audiobooks and practicing listening to audio will help you overcome that problem. 

Fear of getting stuck 

While speaking in English, many candidates get stuck. Eventually, they worry that they will also do the same while taking the IELTS speaking section. Hence, this emerges as their biggest fear of them which makes them more nervous. But sincere practice in advance is the perfect solution for this. Just go and stand in front of the mirror for 20 minutes to rehearse English speaking. This will help you improve your efficiency and quickness in forming sentences in the English language.  

Bad handwriting and accent 

Understand that you need to attempt the writing section with neat and clear handwriting that the examiner can understand. Cursive and slow writing will not help you get a good score. But neat and clean writing that the examiner can understand and help you finish the section on time can help you. Along with that,  you also need to improve your pronunciation rather than accent. 

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The IELTS exam preparations can become easy with the help of the best professionals.  Well, make sure to learn yourself as well to score well in the exam.                          

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